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Ness Numerology - Definitions of Personal Reading Influences

Relationships and Romance in Your Life

We define positive and healthy relationships as those where the energies of the personalities are in sync as well as complimentary. A healthy relationship, be it romantic, a friendship, or a business or financial relationship, involves mutual trust and honesty. People who are true to you will be willing to share information and thoughts that are useful and constructive, even when it may be something you don't want to hear at that exact moment. In business and finance, trust that goes both ways is crucial to success.

Your Lucky Numbers

Your lucky number is usually your birthday number, unless your birthday number is a four or eight. In the case of a four birthday, your lucky number is actually a one, and for those born on an eight day, the lucky number is a three.

Your Life Path Number In Your Basic Reading

The life path number describes the main focus for your lifetime, including the bigest lesson you will need to learn and the tools provided to help. This is the most important part of your basic reading.

Also known as the destiny number, it shows the primary area of learning that is intended. This is also an indication of how your life is to proceed and the overarching approach that is recommended for you to take in order for your life to proceed in the smoothest way.

Your Natural Talents and Career Options: Expression Number In Your Basic Reading

Your expression number reveals your natural abilities and talents. This number is the second most important part of your basic reading.

These abilities are usually very apparent to other people, although you may have some difficulties recognizing them yourself, especially earlier in life. The gifts with which you are born are meant to be applied and can be very helpful while on the journey shown in your life path.

Your Motivation: Soul Urge Number In Your Basic Reading

The Soul Urge Number indicates what makes you "tick", and what you deeply desire (even if you don't know it consciously). This number is the third most important part of your basic reading.

This number provides insight into your innermost desires and what drives you to be who you are and do what you do.

Your Birthday Number In Your Basic Reading

The birthday number (the day of the month on which you were born) is part of your basic reading and describes some skills that you can develop and the approach you may take to your life path. You can think of this number as a smaller portion of your life path. It is the fourth and final number of your basic reading.

This number indicates, to a much lesser degree than your life path, part of the direction your life is to take and can identify smaller lessons to be learned. Think of it as a sort of "mini-life-path."

First Impressions You Make: Personality Number

Think of this number as that of "first impressions." This number represents how your personality appears to other people. It actually has little to do with how you actually are unless it is the same as your expression number. This number enhances your basic reading.

The personality number describes the impressions others will have of you when they first meet you. As they come to know you better, this perception may change.

Your Secret Self

The secret self has very little impact on your reading, personality, approach, lessons or challenges. This number identifies your dream world, where everything would be easy to do and life is just perfect. This makes for an interesting read, and can help you identify your "inner ideal"

The secret self is the deepest, most-inner world of fantasy. It has very little connection to everyday life. This is the "happy place."

Your Growth Number

The Growth Number describes the most fruitful ways a person can improve and grow. As time passes and maturity increases, these ways of improvement become more apparent. This number enhances your basic reading.

The energies related to the growth number usually become stronger as life progresses. THis energy is mostly dormant until about middle age, when they start to become increasingly apparent and at a faster pace. The growth number is not a lesson to be learned; it is a hint in life that indicates how to more rapidly amplify your self-improvements. This is a great thing.

Your Instinct Number

The instinct number shows how you are likely to react instinctively and initially to events and situations. This number enhances your basic reading.

When something happens in life, such as a major event or crisis, the energies of the instinct number kick in and direct your very first feelings and reaction. Depending on the influence, this may be helpful or not. In the case where your reaction is not helpful to a situation, you need to remain aware of your instinct and try to take a minute to pause and evaluate. When you make a habit of doing this, you will begin to see how to modify your external reactions to become more helpful and improve your life and relationships at the same time.

Starting Projects: Your Cornerstone

The cornerstone number shows how you are likely to approach the start of projects. This number enhances your basic reading.

The cornerstone number reveals the way you approach the start of projects. Depending on circumstances, the approach you take may be appropriate or may not be. Only you can decide this; remain aware of this energy and you can change it to be more positive. if need be.

Finishing Projects: Your Capstone

Your capstone number shows your approach to finishing projects. It enhances your basic reading.

This number is a little more oriented towards projects than to other parts of life, but does have an effect in all areas. It may provide confirmation that you handle the finishing of things well, or it may give you insight into how to imptove in this area.

Your Genetics Number

The genetics number is an indication of the traits you may have inherited from your birth parents. This number enhances your basic reading.

This number is all about family influences, both the good and the challenging. Your Genetics Number indicates how your family line affects your attitudes and general approach to life. Keep in mind that this influence may start out being relatively strong in formative years and is likely to weaken over time. In parallel, the effects of this influence may start more towards one of the negative extremes then gravitate toward the more balanced and positive as you gain maturity and wisdom through your personal experiences. Remember that what you have inherited from your family may or may not coorespond with your life path and instincts. When it does correspond, great! Go with the flow... when it doesn't, it may cause conflicting thoughts, feelings, and impulses that will need to be resolved.

Your Early Life Challenges

Repeating numbers in your basic reading indicate some of the challenges you may face in earlier life.

The early-life challenges and obstacles, are intended to be overcome prior to the middle of life. The effect of this energy is to teach you at a younger age some of the things that will help you a great deal later in life. As with any challenges, obstacles, or anything that appears to be "negative" in your reading, you should be as honest with yourself as possible in assessing them. With that honest self-assessment or realization, you can proceed to convert the negative energies into positive ones.

Your Major Life Lessons: Karmic Debt

Major Life Lessons, also known as Karmic Debt, are lessons that you must learn in this life in addition to that of your life path. These numbers and lessons enhance your basic reading.

These lessons are almost as important as the lessons required of you in your life path. Pay attention to these and try to see yourself as realistically as possible relative to the lessons.

Your Minor Life Lessons

Minor life lessons enhance your basic reading and are things you need to learn once you've completed the life-path and major life lessons. These lessons are not as heavy as Karmic Debt numbers (if your reading shows Karmic Debt), but should still be considered as something to learn. These are calculated based on numbers that are missing from your name.

These are the minor lessons that you should consider learning in this life. While these are not nearly as impactful as your major life lessons and life path, it is always a good idea to address these once you have gotten past the more major challenges that are in your life path.

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Today is Apr 11, 2021 which is an 11 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number eleven is one where intuition is amplified to a great degree. In fact, this amplification is so strong that it has the potential to push the humanity well beyond the previous limits of spirituality.

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