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Ness Numerology - The Number Eight

The number eight represents energies associated with success and failure, both at extreme levels. A person with strong influence from this number in their chart may be materialistic, tough and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

From the perspective of planning and personal forecasts, the energirs from the number eight provide an opportunity to realize financial or material goals. It is also a good time for financial planning and possibly to start monetary or material ventures..... provided that the person has the willingness and tenacity to work diligently toward their goals.

Eight as Your Life Path Number (Basic Reading Core Element)

Your main karmic focus in life will be centered around business, finance and commerce. There is potential for you to have great success financially provided your eight energies are balanced. You should have built-in talents for being organized as well as management abilities. You probably take a practical approach to matters, maybe accounting less for people's emotions than would be required in some cases.

Eight as Your Expression Number (Basic Reading Core Element)

You are likely to choose a career in the business or financial world... or that career may choose you. Whatever the case and whatever you do, you have the skills to be successful. Use these skills responsibly though.

Eight as Your Soul Urge Number (Basic Reading Core Element)

You want success, promotion, recognition and money. This is your primary motivation even if you're not aware of it. How well you do in this regard depends very much on the other parts of your reading and how well you use your natural abilities in working toward achieving the Urges of Your Soul.

Eight as Your Birthday Number (Basic Reading Core Element)

Your birthday number is a minor part of your basic reading, and can show you some small detours along your Life Path. With a birthday number of eight, these detours may be just what you need to help finance your journey down your Life Path.

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Today is Apr 11, 2021 which is an 11 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number eleven is one where intuition is amplified to a great degree. In fact, this amplification is so strong that it has the potential to push the humanity well beyond the previous limits of spirituality.

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