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Ness Numerology - Definitions of Forecast Influences

How to Read Your Forecasts

The forecasts on Ness Numerology indicate how the energies of the time period can be either conducive or obstructive to certain types of activities. That may appear to be bad news in the forecasts is presented in order to assist you in working within these energies rather than against them.

For members of Ness Numerology, the forecasts are presented in four different "periods": Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. These member forecasts have a more detailed overview as well as provide detailed information for relationships, career and finance. Within each of these, members will be presented with appropriate and useful suggestions on how to work with the energies, including which activities are better during this period and which to avoid or delay. There is also very helpful information for each period and category including sample affirmations and visualization suggestions that maximise the potential of the period's energy.

About Your Daily Forecast

The daily forecast on Ness Numerology provides information on the action or inaction that should be taken for the day. This information is more task-oriented than anything else.

Members are provided with detailed information for the daily effects on relationships, career and finance as well as appropriate and useful suggestions on how to work with the energies, including which actions are more efficient during this period and which may cause tension or be hindered. Members can also make use of the day's energetic influences with affirmations and visualizations.

About Your Weekly Forecast

The weekly forecast on Ness Numerology provides some context to the action or inaction that may be taken each day. It can be considered a "theme" for the week.

The context provided in the weekly forecast is helpful when making use of the combined energies for the day and the week. For example, a forecast with a seven day and an eight week would mean that it would be a good day (7) to think deeply about, plan and maybe make decisions regarding financial matters (8) such as short-to-mid-term investment decisions or household spending.

About Your Monthly Forecast

The monthly forecast is, in a way, a guard rail that may be used to keep you on the road that leads to the completion of the year. As each month passes, the road takes a turn and aligns with different energies that can ease your journey.

The monthly forecast on Ness Numerology adds a slightly longer-term context to the activities and energies of each day as they relate to the year's influences. The overall things to be done in the month should make use of the month's energetic influence to move you toward your goals for the year.

About Your Yearly Forecast

The yearly forecast identifies the energies that can be most helpful in planning and working towards your goals for the year. This energy gets a bit of an extra boost throughout the year regrdless of what day, week or month it is.

The yearly forecast on Ness Numerology indicates the influence of the year as it applies to the journey along your Life Path towards the lifelong goals you may have in any area of your life.

Interaction Between Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Forecasts

The interactions of the energies of a person, the day, week, month and year are perhaps the most interesting part of Numerology. There are nearly infinite possible combinations of this interaction.

To put it as simply as possible, these interactions go like this.... There is first the Life Path and other energies represented in one's personal reading. These define the nature of the person and are influenced by and influencing the energies of the various time periods (year, month, week and day). The yearly-related energy provides an overall direction for the year, based on the influence of the personal reading numbers. Within this theme, the energy of the month narrows it down to a shorter-term context. The energy of a given week also does this and is geared toward integrating this energy with activities on a particular day. Lastly, the energy on a given day will be conducive to particular actions and resistant to others.

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Today is Apr 11, 2021 which is an 11 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number eleven is one where intuition is amplified to a great degree. In fact, this amplification is so strong that it has the potential to push the humanity well beyond the previous limits of spirituality.

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