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The Relationship Between the Law of Attraction and Numerology

Understanding Energy

In Numerological terms, energy is the flow of various types of energy around us. This includes electromagnetic, photons and waves. Everything in the world and universe is constructed from atoms, which contain a nucleus and the electrons that move around the nucleus. Quantum physics has even discovered sub-atomic particles that affect the atomic energy of matter. A basic understanding of the various energies is key to understanding the numbers, and in turn, Numerology.

For our purposes, we will keep it at the atomic level. Even in objects that are not alive - such as a rock or a wine glass - electrons are constantly moving. The electrons move at a certain rate, or frequency. The number of electrons around a nucleus determine the type or atomic element. Therefore, everything in the universe has a frequency, and "vibrations" of various amplitudes (wave widths) may be emitted. These are called waves. The interaction between these various types of waves affects all kinds of organisms, especially those that have brains. The brain, whether in a human, mouse or an alligator, is a machine of an electro-chemical nature. This is a simple explanation, for example, of why some people seem to act differently when there is a full moon versus a new moon. Gravitational force is another form of electromagnetic energy.

There are many examples of energy affecting inanimate objects as well. The most widely known example is that where an opera singer causes a wine glass to explode by singing a high note. Another, less known, example was in an experiment performed by Nikola Tesla. Mr. Tesla attached an oscillator (a device that makes waves), to one of the support beams in the building in which his lab was located. After some time adjusting and observing, he found the frequency of the beam. He then left the oscillator running, attached to the beam. As time progressed, the waves resonating through the beam were amplified more and more by the oscillator continually striking the beam at the peak of each wave. Eventually, the building and the ground below it began to shake. Needless to say, the owner of the buildign was not happy with this experiment.

The Collective Energy

The collective energy is more accurately defined as the interactions between all energetic influences throughout all time and space. While this may seem very esoteric, it is actually a very practical collection (collective) of forces that may be put to positive use. Energy influences energy; the sources of these different influences and effects are everywhere. They happen with the movements of the planets (such as gravitational forces) as used by Astrology, they happen natuarally on this great planet, and these influences can even be created by the human conscious and subconscious minds (as in the usage of Law of Attraction techniques).

What this all means is that we are all connected to each other, every plant and creature, everything that is not "living," our planet, other planets, the stars (including our own sun) and the universe. All of this together is the Collective (Universal) Energy. Everything that is done affects this Collective Energy and the Collective Energy affects everything that happens. We are everything and everything is us. In some philosophies, this is called "Karma."

Quantum physicists have now produced a lot of evidence that proves that space itself is not a "vacuum" or a "void", but is actually very much alive with vibrations and pulsations of energy. What we perceive as inanimate objects, such as rocks, pieces of clay, etc. are also composed of energy.

Numerology and the Law of Attraction

The wonderful thing is that by combining the information about the interactions between various energies as represented by the numbers in Numerology with an understanding of how the Law of Attracion works, you are creating a more full picture of how things work. With this understanding, you can use your personal energies and the energetic influences if the different time persiods (day, week, month and year) to amplify the effects of your daily Law-of-Attraction-related activities. These activities would be those of repeating your affirmations, performing visualization techniques and more.

Membership in Ness Numerology brings to you a lot of advice, suggestions and examples on how to make the most efficient use of the numerological influences on the Law of Attraction in order to make significant positive changes in your life, as well as to more easily work through your karma and the lessons that you are to learn in this lifetime. By identifying these lessons, your natural abilities and the tings you are likely to desire most, you are able to use the techniques related to the Law of Attraction to maximize your usage of Numerology as well.

Links to Scientific Research

There have been many papers published in the last few decades about the research that is related to the Collective Energy, especially as the research and experimentation in Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics has been progressing. This research applies to all so-called "mysticism," such as Numerology, the Law of Attraction, Astrology, the I-Ching, Tarot, Psychic abilities, ESP, etc...

Other Interesting Articles

As time progresses, more and more articles are being written that summarize the links between the Collective Energy and the human conscious and subconscious minds. As we come across more interesting ones, they will be added here.

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