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The Relationship Between Astrology and Numerology

Basic Similarities, Different Representation

The primary link between Numerology and Astrology is energy. Both Astrology and Numerology are methods that are used to interpret the flows and effects of energy into human-understandable readings and forecasts. Astrology uses the locations of the planets and other solar entities to determine the types of influences caused by the movement of energy (and to represent these influences), and Numerology uses numbers as the symbols of these energetic influences. A horoscope in Astrology serves the same purpose as personal readings and forecasts in Numerology. The numerological readings and atrological horoscopes usually show the same tendencies for a person.

Numerology and Astrology Basis of Calculations

Numerology uses as it's basis for calculating personal readings and forecasts the date of birth and full birth name..Astrology uses as it's basis for calculating personal readings and forecasts the date and time of birth, along with the location of birth.

Numbers and Their Astrological Rulers

  • The Number One (1) is ruled by the Sun in Astrology.
  • The Number Two (2) is ruled by the Moon in Astrology.
  • The Number Three (3) is ruled by Jupiter in Astrology.
  • The Number Four (4) is ruled by Uranus in Astrology.
  • The Number Five (5) is ruled by Mercury in Astrology.
  • The Number Six (6) is ruled by Venus in Astrology.
  • The Number Seven (7) is ruled by Neptune in Astrology.
  • The Number Eight (8) is ruled by Saturn in Astrology.
  • The Number Nine (9) is ruled by Mars in Astrology.

Mathematics in Numerology and Astrology

Both Numerology and Astrology rely heavily on mathematics, although the calculations and formulas used in Numerology are much more simple than those used in Astrology. Astrologists usually have nearly as deep knowledge of Numerology as they do of Astrology. The practice of Numerology does not require as much astrological knowledge, but that knowledge is very helpful in interpreting the energetic influences of the numbers.

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Today is Jul 28, 2021 which is a 1 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number one is a day where things get done, quite single-mindedly. There are no limits to what can be achieved on this day. This is a day of extreme independence.

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