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Law of Attraction
1: The Process
2: Know the Mind
3: How You Think
4: Think Abundance
5: Goals and Planning
6: Time and Habits
7: Basic Tools
8: Advanced Tools
9: All Together

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The Law of Attraction: Basic Tools

Remembering Your Successes

In order to create success, you need to have the mindset of success. Every person has had successes in their life, and past and present success can be adopted as great tools to accelerate future success. Success builds on success. The more success you have, and past successes you remember, the more you will have present and future successes. Always remember that you have an abundance of success.

Take 30 minutes to an hour to reflect on the successes you've had in the past. Remember each and every success, big or small. Make a list ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

The Power of Love

Love is the most powerful positive emotion we can have. It creates and amplifies positive energy to nearly infinite levels. It heightens your mood and helps to move your forward toward your goals and your success. There is an abundance of love everywhere, including in your own life. Love is an infinite resource.

When you integrate love into your mindset, you increase the levels of positive energy you send to (and interact with) the Collective Energy. This effect is heightened even more as part of your emotional preparation and in combination with your success and abundance frame of mind.

Integrating love is a relatively simple process. All that you need to do is ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

Understanding Affirmations

Affirmations are short, simple, positive and effective phrases that you repeat in 5 to 10 minute sessions, each and every day. The affirmations that are repeated diligently infuse themselves into your conscious mind, which passes them to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind processes them and will "reporgram" itself to change your natural, instinctive behavior to be aligned with the content of the affirmation. The subconscious will also transmit the desire specified in the affirmation to the Collective Energy, which will respond by... (there is more).

First, you create your affirmations. The basic guidelines are

Here is a list of affirmation examples to help you create your own:

Luck Opportunity Intuition
"I'm so lucky!"
"Everywhere I look, opportunity abounds."
"My mind, subconscious and intuition are one."
Income Wealth and Net Worth Spending
"Millions of dollars come easily and often."
"I love watching my wealth grow."
"I'm so glad I always find such great values."
Abundance Goals and Milestones Success
"Abundance, abundance, abundance..." (chant)
"I am thankful for reaching my goals."
"I am successful in all parts of my life."
Business Job-Related Career Advancement
"I give thanks for the success of my business."
"In every way, my job gets better and better."
"Everything I do brings me more reward and advancement."
Health Happiness Interpersonal Communication
"I feel great in every way."
"Life brings me much happiness."
"Poeple love talking with me."
Love Romance Family
"Everywhere I look, I see love."
"My partner and I share a great life."
"Every day, I an grateful for having a great family."

Each of these lists has more examples ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

Understanding Visualization

Visualization is a technique to "see" yourself in the circumstances you desire. These can be you in the home of your dreams, in a great relationship, having a high income and net worth or anything. By now, you have determined what it is that you really want, have set goals and milestones and have a plan. Think of visualization as daydreaming plus. Like daydreaming, it involves images and "mini-movies" that you see in your mind's eye. The difference is that when visualizing, you are the producer and director of the "movie." With this knowledge, you can customize your "daydreams" to suit your needs and progress towards your goals.

Getting Started with Visualization: Using Directed Daydreams

The easiest way to start using visualization is to ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

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Today is Jul 28, 2021 which is a 1 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number one is a day where things get done, quite single-mindedly. There are no limits to what can be achieved on this day. This is a day of extreme independence.

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