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Law of Attraction
1: The Process
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3: How You Think
4: Think Abundance
5: Goals and Planning
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The Law of Attraction: Goals and Planning

Determining What You Want

Most people never full identify what they really want in this life. If asked, a person will usually respond with a very vague statement like "I want to be rich" or "I want to meet my dream mate." Note that people who do respond so vaguely probably do not have what they say they want. The reason behind this is that we are not really taught how to figure this out at the level of detail required to be able to set effective goals in our lives. You can start this at any time, and the most effective times are on a seven day, week, month or year.

How to find your true needs, wants and desires:

  1. Take about ten to fifteen minutes to sit alone and just think about what you want. Try to see yourself in your ideal life. Try to think big and without limits. In other words, think about how you REALLY want your life to be, rather than how you think it can realistically be.
  2. After this brief period of thinking, write a list of the thoughts you had or things you saw in your mind. List everything.

There are several more steps to determining what you want. ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

Setting Goals

Setting goals is much much more than just qriting up a list of the thinge you want to achieve in your lifetime. That is a good start, and you can use it as the basis for adding specificty to them, setting dates by which you want to accomplish these goals, setting intermediate dates to complete sub-goals and starting to document the basis of your life plan. So a well-defined long-term goal is one that is very specific in the definition of the goal itself and has a target date by which to achiveve it. Your lifetime goals should be derived from your Dream List. They can also be based on your Life Path, which is the primary karma you need to work out in this life.

Now that you have your Dream List, it is time to convert that into your goals, starting with the dream at the bottom and working up. The reason for starting at the bottom is that as you work up the list, you will get more practice doing this by the time you reach the top, most important, goal. Start a new page four or five pages from the back in your notebook or a new notebook if you prefer. Write your goal title (or summary) at the top of the page. Make it specific. Change anything like "Get Rich" to be like "Have a Million Dollars Net Worth." Now add a date to this goal. Append "By DATE," where DATE is the date by which you want to achieve this goal. A really important thing to remember when choosing a date -- choose the date by which you really want to achieve your goal, not a date that you think is realistic.

On the second line, just under the goal title and date, jot down specific details on how you will know for sure that you have "made it" to being successful reaching your goal.

On the next line, write down ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

Making a Plan

Now that you know what you want and when you want it, it is time to make a plan to get it. You have your goals and milestones defined and ready to add more detail. Start by figuring out what you need to do, ask for, or get to accomplish each milestone.

An important part of making a plan is knowing exactly what's needed in order to be successful in the execution of your plan. To this end, spend some time thinking about each milestone, and ask yourself the questions below.

  1. What do I need to do, in detail, to make this happen?
    List, review, rearrange, review and review again every step you need to take to reach the milestone. Add as much detail as possible. Each of these steps is a task that you will be able to "check off" when completed. These tasks should be very small ones that are fairly easy or simple to accomplish.
  2. For each task, what do I need to learn?
    If the task involves doing something you do not know how to do, write down what you need to learn as a task before the one that requires the knowledge.

There is quite a bit more to this process ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

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Today is Jul 28, 2021 which is a 1 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number one is a day where things get done, quite single-mindedly. There are no limits to what can be achieved on this day. This is a day of extreme independence.

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