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Law of Attraction
1: The Process
2: Know the Mind
3: How You Think
4: Think Abundance
5: Goals and Planning
6: Time and Habits
7: Basic Tools
8: Advanced Tools
9: All Together

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The Law of Attraction: Putting It All Together

Bringing it All Together

By now, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the work it seems to be. You may even be questioning if it's all worth it. It is. It's very well worth the effort. Most of the effort is, in fact, needed at the beginning of your journey down the path of the Law of Attraction, while you are building great new habits. Once most of these exercises or use of techniques become habitual, the path will be a lot easier to navigate and you will be progressing at great speed towards your goals and getting what you want. If you remain unsure if it's worth the effort, at least try making your own luck for a few months and observe the effects. It's worth trying, since by improving your good luck you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Periodically, take some time to re-review the various pages on this site to refresh your memory, learn new things and to see if more information has been added; we add and update information as we discover new things.

  1. The Process
  2. Make Your Own Luck
  3. The Conscious Mind
  4. The Subconscious Mind
  5. Your Intuition
  6. The Way You Think
  7. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)
  8. Improving Your Mindset
  9. Taking Full Responsibility
  10. The Power Of Forgiveness
  11. Abundance
  12. Determining What You Want
  13. Setting Goals
  14. Making A Plan
  15. Managing Your Time
  16. Building Good Habits
  17. Remembering Your Successes
  18. The Power Of Love
  19. Affirmations
  20. Visualization
  21. Enabling And Trusting Your Intuition
  22. Meditation
  23. The Enhancing Effects Of Emotion

About Belief

We all have beliefs. Even disbelief is a sort of belief. The main belief that can block you efforts is summed up with the phrase "I have to see it to believe it.". This indicates that a person has been trained to believe ONLY in their conscious minnd and pure logic. The subconscious mind, intuition and the Collective Energy do not come into play in this case. The point here is that you may need to ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

For the Good of All

As you work towards your goals, improve your life and make progress on achieving your purpose-of-life, remember that the Collective Energy takes into account your intent in addition to your thoughts and feelings. Your intent, therefore, is critically important. When you intend to improve the lives of others as you improve your own, having good intentions will serve a couple of purposes. First, it will keep the frequency and amplitude or your subconscious at a highly productive and positive level, which has the effect of amplifying these energies and speeding up the process of your achievement. Secondly, it will make the lives of others better in the process.

When setting your goals and milestones and making your plans, remember to add something that will contribute to your community or have a larger possible impact. ... Please log in or register below to read the rest of this information...

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Today is Jul 28, 2021 which is a 1 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number one is a day where things get done, quite single-mindedly. There are no limits to what can be achieved on this day. This is a day of extreme independence.

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