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How to Make the Most of Ness Numerology

Understanding Numerology

First, see the History of Numerology and the Definition of Numerology to understand the basics.

Like Astrology, the Tarot, and Religion, Numerology was developed to help people in their quest for the "meaning of life" as well as to assist in understanding the self; how life is intended to proceed in the most meaninfgul ways. The main differences between the four are the belief systems and the methodology in use. All four also have methods by which the future may be planned, and in some cases, predicted fairly accurately.

Numerology is not some "mystical" or "supernatural" thing, nor does it require any special mathematical skills. It is simply a methodology by which various types of energy and influence are represented by numbers. Numerology has been in use for thousands of years.

Understanding Energy

In Numerological terms, energy is the flow of various types of energy around us. This includes electromagnetic, photons and waves. Everything in the world and universe is constructed from atoms, which contain a nucleus and the electrons that move around the nucleus. Quantum physics has even discovered sub-atomic particles that affect the atomic energy of matter. A basic understanding of the various energies is key to understanding the numbers, and in turn, Numerology.

For our purposes, we will keep it at the atomic level. Even in objects that are not alive - such as a rock or a wine glass - electrons are constantly moving. The electrons move at a certain rate, or frequency. The number of electrons around a nucleus determine the type or atomic element. Therefore, everything in the universe has a frequency, and "vibrations" of various amplitudes (wave widths) may be emitted. These are called waves. The interaction between these various types of waves affects all kinds of organisms, especially those that have brains. The brain, whether in a human, mouse or an alligator, is a machine of an electro-chemical nature. This is a simple explanation, for example, of why some people seem to act differently when there is a full moon versus a new moon. Gravitational force is another form of electromagnetic energy.

There are many examples of energy affecting inanimate objects as well. The most widely known example is that where an opera singer causes a wine glass to explode by singing a high note. Another, less known, example was in an experiment performed by Nikola Tesla. Mr. Tesla attached an oscillator (a device that makes waves), to one of the support beams in the building in which his lab was located. After some time adjusting and observing, he found the frequency of the beam. He then left the oscillator running, attached to the beam. As time progressed, the waves resonating through the beam were amplified more and more by the oscillator continually striking the beam at the peak of each wave. Eventually, the building and the ground below it began to shake. Needless to say, the owner of the buildign was not happy with this experiment.

Understanding The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is usually most simply described as "like attracts like." When you focus your personal energies and emotions on what you want, you set the stage to get it. That's it. The definition really is that simple. Where it starts to get a bit complicated is in application of the techniques outlined in the Law of Attraction Process. Even so, it is pretty easy to master; it just takes time.

The Law of Attraction is based on energy and the interactions between energies everywhere. In a sense, it is a sort of Karma over which we have more control. Numerology has it's multilife karmic influences whereas the Law of Attraction is more focused on the current life although the energies created in this lifetime will affect future lives. When you focus your energies, thoughts, feelings and intentions in a positive way that helps other people in addition to yourself, you create "good Karma" that takes effect in your current and future lives. The methods, mindset and taking responsibility are all things that you can do to optimize things identified in your Numerological Personal Reading and your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts.

Everything is about energy, and science is only now starting to catch up to what "mystics" and practitioners in the so-called occult have suspected and theorized for a long time. This includes Numerology, Religion, Tarot and Astrology. All of these "supernatural" practices are about one finding out about themselves and predicting probabilities of various types of events happening at certain times in a person's life, whereas the Law of Attraction is a way to be more proactive in influencing those events. It can also be used to re-balance one's personal energies.

Understanding the Numbers

See Numerology By the Numbers for the basic descriptions of the numbers.

Every number has a specific type of energy and feeling. As with Astrology, Numerology is based on one's birth date. Numerology also provides insight based on a person's birth name, including traits inherited from ancestors.

Calculating in Numerology is simple. It is repeating cycles of addition and reduction until resulting in one of the numbers 1 through 9, 11 or 22. The numbers 11 and 22 are considered to be master numbers and have special meaning and intense potential energy. An example of this addition and reduction is our reduction of the year 2029, the number 2029 reduce to the number 4 by way of 2+0+2+9 = 13; 1+3 = 4. Along the way, the number 13 is also encountered, and may add additional insight to a personal reading or forecast.

One thing to note is that with the massive potential associated with the numbers 11 and 22, these are the most challenging energies and influences to master. They usually create a lot of emotional conflict at a young age, which siminishes slowly over time and with the gorwing understanding of how to apply these energies in a positive way. Few people fully master these in their lifetimes, but it is a very lofy and worthwhile goal to work towards. For younger people, the numbers 2 (11 = 1 + 1 = 2) and 4 (22 = 2 + 2 = 4) may be more appropriate for personal readings.

How to Read Personal Readings

The first part of understanding personal readings is to learn about the various parts of the personal readings. See the Explanation of Readings page for this information. These explanations and definitions are listed in the same order as the personal readings for Ness Numerology members.

One thing to note is that the ordering of the sections of the personal readings is by the level of impact and influence each psrt has on one's life, from the highest impact at the top to the lower-impact influences at the bottom of the reading. The first four parts of the personal reading are by far the most impactful, and are considered here as the "Basic Reading." Those sections below show lesser influences on a the path one is meant to follow and provide insight into how one is likely react to and to approach various situations throughout life.

How to Read Personal Forecasts

There are four personal forecasts available on Ness Numerology. They are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

The yearly forecast shows the influence that affects and guides one throughout the year. It can be considered as the overall theme for the year. All other forecasts should be read in the context of the yearly theme.

The monthly forecast is the influence for the month and should be considered in the context of the yearly theme. For example, a person who is in a seven personal month (introspective) within a six personal year (home and responsibility) will be most productive when thinking deploy about their home lives and those close to them.

The weekly forecast, like the monthly forecast but to a slightly more detailed degree, should also be considered in the context of the yearly theme.

The daily forecaset is the nitty-gritty detail of daily life, and should be teken in the context of the monthly/weekly forecast. As in the example above, a person who is in a nine personal day (completion) in a seven personal month (introspective) within a six personal year (home and responsibility) will probably be finishing a deep cycle of thought about their home lives and those who are close.

Strength of Numeric Expression

The strength of expression, for any number within a personal reading (or personality profile), provides more detail as to how the effects of a number's engergy will be expressed by that person. The "perfect" strength (or expression) is right in the middle of the scale as the number zero. This is the most positive assertion of the energy, being balanced between fully un-expressed and fully over-expressed. As with anything, there is no all-bad or all-good; there is merely the levels of the type of energy as expressed by a person. Striving for balance is the key to moving forth in a positive manner on one's life path and through the life lessons. The key to making the best use of this scale is to apply it to the numbers revealed in one's personal reading, while trying to be as honest and objective as possible in the assesment of oneself.

Balanced, Positive: Appropriate Use of the Energy

On this scale, the strength range of -4 to 4, with zero in the middle, is the ideal level of application of the energy of the number.

Unbalanced, Negative: Moderate Supression or Overuse of the Energy

The strengths of -7 to -4 and 4 to 7 show good progress toward the center of balanced positive expression, but there is still work to be done in either making more use of the engergy, or controlling the use of it.

Unbalanced, Negative: Extreme Supression or Overuse of the Energy

Strength values of -10 to -7 and 7 to 10 (respectively) indicate the two extremes of suppressing the energies or of having allowed the energy to take over and get out of control.

More Hints and Tips

There are some really useful things that can be kept in one's mind while reading about themselves or their forecasts. These are really key to making the most of Ness Numerology for the purposes of learning about oneself and for planning.

The most important of these tips is to be a fully objective and honest with oneself with the personal readings. Nobody likes to read or hear what could be considered bad things about themselves, but these are important in order to improve ourselves, our lives, and the world in general.

When planning a large event, try to keep in mind the day, month and year combination of forecasts. Various day numbers are good for various types of events, and that goodness can be amplified by the monthly and yearly energetic influences.

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Today is Apr 11, 2021 which is an 11 day for the world.

A day ruled by the number eleven is one where intuition is amplified to a great degree. In fact, this amplification is so strong that it has the potential to push the humanity well beyond the previous limits of spirituality.

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